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gazar halwa | gajrela | carrot pudding

Gazar ka halwa, gajrela, gazar pak or carrot pudding is made by cooking grated carrots with milk, khoya, sugar and dry fruits. Different recipes of the same are followed by different people. It is generally prepared during winters. It is a rich dessert delicacy and is known to have originated in Punjab.

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gond laddu

Gond/tragacanth gum is available in varied forms and has numerous health benefits. Ayurveda recommends to eat gond during the winter season in order to strengthen the immunity and beat the heat. This is also used as a medicine for lactating mothers in order to enhance the immunity of a feeding child and also to help recover a mother from the

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kalakand | milk cake

Hello frens Festivals are an eternal part of our lives. They bring us  joy and warmth and definitely creates a recreation in our lives. They gives us the reason to smile, cheer, laughter and celebrate. Festivities are truly incomplete without sweets, dessert, mithai, mishthan etc. So, Today I am celebrating my festivity with a traditional sweet from the land of

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