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maida free bhatura | bhatura made without refined flour

Hello frens ‘Bhaturas’… a name is just enough to tempt your taste buds. Punjabis are just incomplete without eating bhaturas. These are the one of the most popular indian bread recipe which are puffed, fluffy and deep fried. Traditionally, they are made with all purpose flour/maida but as i always say maida is not healthy to eat so i tried

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churma laddoo | wheat flour rich laddoo | rajasthani churma

Today I would be sharing a recipe with you which is very near to my heart. It can be called as the heart of Rajasthani sweets. Yes! I am talking about churma laddoos. Churma is a sweet dish and is prepared with any kind of flour like wheat, rice or bajra and is sweetened with either powdered sugar or jaggery.

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