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mango royal falooda

Falooda also known as Faludah, Flooda or Faludaah is a cold dessert of Indian origin. Traditionally, it was prepared with vermicelli, Sweet basil seeds or sabja seeds, rose syrup and ice cream. The Faloodah can be prepared with mawa kulfi or with any other ice cream. The vermicelli used in making Faloodah is prepared by using cornflour, arrowroot or sago.

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mawa kulfi | rabri kulfi

Kulfi is the most popular Indian dessert delicacy served in varied forms. Various types of kulfis are served including Malai kulfi, Matka kulfi, rabri kulfi, Kesar pista kulfi, etc. Kulfi is a denser form of milk seasoned with pistachios, saffron strands, cardamom, rabri, etc. Today I am sharing the recipe of Mawa kulfi or rabri kulfi. I have only seasoned

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