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dhaniya pudina chutney | how to make dhaniya pudina chutney | coriander mint dip

Chutney or dips are sauce prepared for relishing with pakoras, cutlets, pancakes etc. The chutneys can be made with coconut, peanuts, tomatoes, onions, garlic etc. It can be either in dried form or in a pasty form. Chutneys are a great compliment of our food diet. Sometimes when I don’t find the vegetable curry interesting, then my meal includes roti

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pudina aam panna

Summers are on their peak and we really need something which could be heat resistant and works as coolants. One of the very popular coolant which has heat resistant properties is the Aam panna drink. Aam panna is a renowned Indian drink and can be yellow to green in color depending upon the ingredients which are used in making the

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