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herb and garlic paneer

Paneer (also known as Poneer, Ponir, Fonir, Chhana, Chhena) is a type of cheese known as Cottage Cheese. It is made by curdling fresh milk with some acidic agent like vinegar, lemon juice, etc. Its shelf life is nearly 2-3 days. It can easily be prepared at home.Paneer is a very famous ingredient in India. It is such a versatile

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Matar Paneer ke paranthe| how to make matar paneer ke paranthe

After a hectic week, Sunday mornings needs a kick start of the day with a drool over breakfast. We always have a planning for Sunday mornings. This time I have got something new for the breakfast recipe, “matar paneer ke paranthe“. Yesss!!!! u heard it right its not the matar paneer ki sabji. It was really a crispy, yummylicious treat

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