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brown rice pancakes| how to make brown rice pancakes | savoury pancakes

Brown rice pancakes makes a healthy breakfast option. It has lots of veggies and mainly flax seeds which are immunity enhancers. They are ideal for kids tifin also.

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Tandoori Soya Chaap….

Hello frens Yet another exciting, delectable street food recipe directly from my work station. A great street food from Northern India mainly found across the by-lanes of Delhi-NCR. Whenever we pass by those lanes a great tempting and tandoori aroma comes to our heart- The Tandoori Soya Chaap… It is yet another exciting recipe made from the soya chaap sticks.

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Masala soya chaap..

Hello frens Street foods are the ready to eat delicacies served generally by road side hawkers on the thelas, road trucks or small shops. These days people are enjoying the street foods more just out to explore the ethnic cultures or out of nostalgia. One of the most widely eaten street food across Northern India is the soya chaap made

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Soya Chaap sticks…

Hello frens Soya Chaap is mainly a North Indian dish which is prepared with soybean pulses and nuggets and is very high in protein content. This is a vegetarian delicacy and is prepared in different forms., can also be prepared with the tandoori style too. It is a perfect dish which can be served as a starter for dinner parties

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dal pakwaan

Hello frens Whenever on Sundays we visit our Sindhi friends they generally serve us with their very authentic dish, “Dal Pakwaan”. Dal Pakwaan is a very famous sindhi dish in which chana dal is served with crispy fried maida/all purpose flour puris topped with green chutney, tamarind chutney and chopped onions. Its a very filling breakfast and can also be

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daliya paneer kebab | protein packed kebab

Hello frens Health is wealth!! To be healthy its very important for a person to eat healthy and stay fit. So today I am here with a very healthy and protein packed dish made with porridge/daliya, paneer/cottage cheese, oats, etc..I prepared kebabs with these ingredients. In this my porridge/daliya is boiled and I deep fried the kebabs but you can

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