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Rice puffs cutlets…

Snacks are the portions of food which are generally smaller than the regular food and are eaten in between the meals, generally, during tea time. Variety of snacks are consumed worldwide., some are the packed ones and some are homemade. Oftenly cold cuts, fruits, leftovers, nuts, biscuits, sandwiches, chocolate, popcorn and sweets are used as snacks.

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daliya paneer kebab | protein packed kebab

Hello frens Health is wealth!! To be healthy its very important for a person to eat healthy and stay fit. So today I am here with a very healthy and protein packed dish made with porridge/daliya, paneer/cottage cheese, oats, etc..I prepared kebabs with these ingredients. In this my porridge/daliya is boiled and I deep fried the kebabs but you can

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Soya Galouti Kebab

Galouti kebabs are a famous Awadhi cuisine. Galouti or Galawat means melt in the mouth. They were basically invented for the aged nawabs who were unable to chew their food. Galouti kebabs were made with numerous spices, minced meat and raw papaya. The vegetarian version can be made with soya granules keema, raw papaya, or with masoor lentils with a

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