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besan ke laddoo | laddoo made with gram flour

Hello frens Besan laddoo is a very famous sweet eaten in North India. These laddoos are made with gram flour/besan and are really very easy to prepare. This recipe only requires little patience and precision of the measurements. This is made with simple ingredients like gram flour, powdered sugar, Cardamom powder and clarified butter. But the taste of these are

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Dahi Puri- with a twist

Hello frens Dahi Puri or Papdi chaat is a street food eaten across Indian subcontinent. It is mainly prepared with crisp fried wafers known as papdi/puri and served with boiled chick peas, yogurt and chutneys. With the interest of people, this is generally consumed at road side food stalls. But, nowadays when food lovers are creating lots of twists these

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Rang Birangi Mithas

Holi re holi Rango ki toli!!!!!!!!!! completely mesmerised by these beautiful holi bollywood numbers. They bring back the childhood memories and leaves completely nostalgic. Personally, I believe that holi is the most beautiful festival giving us lots of colors, yummy yummy gujiyas and flavorful thandai. In our childhood days, we did lots of preparations for the holi festival. Water-filled balloons,

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