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kesar badam sharbat| how to make kesar badam sharbat

A super delicious, an immunity boosting drink relished by people of all age groups. The ‘KESAR BADAM SYRUP’ has all the goodness of saffron and almonds. It gives a cooling effect to the body when taken with cold milk and provides warmth to the body when served with hot milk. Thus, all in all it is a complete package and

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almond peanuts fudge | badam mungphali barfi

Peanuts are known for their high biotin content. They are actually POWERHOUSE OF ENERGY. Almonds are also rich in essential nutrients and thus are really immunity boosters. When they both are combined together, they’ll make a powerpacked immunity booster. Today, I am preparing a fudge or burfi made with ALMONDS and PEANUTS. They are actually prepared as a fasting recipe

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