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Finally, the wait is over. Winters are here!!! and Yes this is the season for the so called Rums n Raisins Christmas cake. The Christmas cake is quite delicate and moist as it contains lots of moistening elements in it. The key ingredient for creating the best taste are the nuts (raisins, sultanas, currants, apricots, walnuts and almonds) soaked in Rum. The traditional recipe assures that the nuts should be soaked in rum but few people also soak the nuts in salted maple syrup or in honey.

The nuts has to be chopped roughly and then they are soaked in rum prior to 15-20 days of baking the cake. The nuts are stirred once in 2-3 days and after 4-5 days if one finds the nuts to be dry then one can add more rum to it.

The basic idea of soaking the nuts comes from the fact that when the raisins are soaked in rum they absorb it and becomes heavier and does not sink to the bottom of the cake at the time of baking.


For preparing 1 kg cake:
Almonds: 10-12 nos.
Cashews: 10-12 nos.
Walnuts: 10-12 nos.
Raisins: 18-20 nos.
Black raisins: 10-12 nos.
Dates: 4-5 nos.
Apricots: 4-5 nos.
Figs: 3-4 nos.
Rum: 150-200 ml
Orange zest: 1 tsp

1. Take a clean and dry glass jar.
2. Gather all the nuts and roughly chop them.

3. Put all the nuts in the glass jar. Now pour the rum over it. Add the orange zest to the jar.

4. Give a nice stir and seal the jar with the lid and aluminum foil. Keep in a cool place away from sunlight.

5. Stir once in 2-3 days.
6. Nuts are ready for the Christmas cake. Soak for around 10-15 days for better results.

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