herb and garlic paneer

Paneer (also known as Poneer, Ponir, Fonir, Chhana, Chhena) is a type of cheese known as Cottage Cheese. It is made by curdling fresh milk with some acidic agent like vinegar, lemon juice, etc. Its shelf life is nearly 2-3 days. It can easily be prepared at home.
Paneer is a very famous ingredient in India. It is such a versatile ingredient that it can be used in making Starters, main course as well as Desserts. Numerous main course curries can be made with paneer like Palak paneer, Paneer pasanda, paneer lababdar, Paneer makhni, Paneer do pyaza, matar paneer, shahi paneer etc. Various starters like Paneer tikka, paneer lolipops and deserts like rasgulla and sandesh can be prepared with this versatile ingredient.
It has a great nutritional value and is a powerhouse of protein and calcium, paneer is also enriched with Conjugated Linoleic Acid which is known to promote weight loss by increasing the fat burning process in the body.

Keeping in mind the nutritional value, I tried my hands on a variation of paneer. I infused some herbs and garlic too it and prepared Herb and Garlic paneer.

Full fat milk: 1 liter
Vinegar: 1 tbsp
Mixed herbs: 1 tbsp
Garlic powder: 2 tsp
Black pepper:1 tsp


1. Heat milk and bring it to boil. Add herbs, garlic powder and black pepper to the milk.herbs added to milk
2. When it starts boiling add vinegar and stir it continuously. The milk will start curdling.

3. Now put a muslin cloth over colander and strain the curdled milk. Collect the whey and you can use it for kneading the roti, chapati dough. Tie the muslin cloth tightly in order to strain all the whey from the paneer.

4. After 15-20 minutes take out the paneer and cut it into pieces and serve either as curry or raw. You can also pan sear it with little butter and can serve it as snacks.

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