paan ice cream

Paan ice cream is made by adding fresh paan leaves, the so called ‘meetha paan’. Eating the paan ice cream is as refreshing and digestible as chewing a meetha paan. Thus ice cream is just a replica of the meetha paan as it has all the ingredients like gulkand, fennel seeds, chopped dates along with chopped betel leaves.
Betel leaves/paan leaves is a very good mouth freshner. It acts as an antiseptic, treats ear infections and works as an antioxidant too.


Paan/betel leaves: 2 nos.
Gulkand: 2 tbsp
Fennel seeds: 2 tsp
Whipped cream: 1.5 cups
Full fat cream: 1/2 cup
Full fat milk: 1 cup
Chopped dates: 1/2 cup
Coloured sugar balls: 2 tsp
Green food colour: 2 drops

1. Take a freezed bowl and add whipped cream to it. Beat it until it becomes fluffy and light.


2. Now add full fat cream and milk to it and again beat it until it turns little frothy.


3. Chop the paan leaves finely and add to the cream mixture. Also, add Gulkand, fennel seeds, sugar balls, chopped dates and green food color etc to the cream mixture.


4. Now transfer the mixture into a bowl and freeze for around 2 hours. After 2 hours, take out the ice cream and mix it all again so that the ingredients like dates, gulkand and paan should not settle down to the bottom of the container. Now freeze for another 5 hours.


5. Serve chilled.


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