Mango icecream |without whipped cream

creamy mango ice cream

Mangoes are yummm……
Who can say no to mangoes?  I think no one. During summers we eat lot of varieties of mangoes and in bulk, we prepare numerous mango recipes like mango shakes, mango custards, mango mastani, mango kulfis, mango ice creams are fab to eat. and moreover the yummy slices of mango.
We love mango kulfis and mango ice creams too much. Today, I am sharing the recipe of mango ice cream.

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This is made without whipped cream or any other artificial softening agent. The ice cream is really very creamy to eat and does not have any ice in it. The ice creams we prepare at home are generally not very creamy and they have ice in them.

But by following this recipe you will get a perfect creamy textured ice cream.
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Milk: 1 litre
Malai/balai: 1 cup
Powdered sugar: 1 tbsp
Granulated sugar: 2.5 tbsp (you can add more as per taste)
Dairy whitener: 100 gms
Wheat flour: 3 tsp
Water: 1 cup
Mango pulp: 2 cups
Pistachio silverets: for garnishing

1. Take malai in a bowl and start beating it. Beat it until it becomes little creamy. Now add powdered sugar to it and beat again. Keep it aside.

2. Heat milk in a heavy bottom pan. When it starts boiling, add granulated sugar to it. Let it reduce and thicken. Then, add dairy whitener to the boiling milk. Stir it continuously so that lumping will not occur. Now leave the milk for sometime. Gradually it will start thickening.

3. Take a bowl and add wheat flour and water to it. Give a nice stir so that no lumps remains and make a smooth slurry.

4. Add the wheat flour slurry to the boiling milk. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO CONTINUOUSLY STIR THE MILK NOW IN ORDER TO PREVENT LUMPING. After adding milk, the milk will start thickening rapidly.

5. Turn off the gas knob and let the mixture cool a little. Add the  malai sugar mixture to  the reduced milk.  Then, blend the mixture with a blender to smooth en the mixture.

6. Now add mango pulp to the mixture. I have prepared mango pulp at home. Mix the pulp evenly. Use beater or whisk to evenly mix the pulp in the mixture.adding mango pulp
7. Pour the mixture in an airtight plastic container. Garnish with the pistachio silverets. Garnishing is completely optional. Freeze for 8-9 hours. Enjoy the chilled scoops of delicious and creamy mango ice cream.

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