mango frooti | mango flavored drink

Mango frooti is the oldest most popular mango drink. This is prepared with fresh mangoes. This is the most refreshing pulpy drink. Even, we as a kid enjoyed this refreshing drink a lot. During quenching summers, this is the only life saver. This is free from preservatives and kids can enjoy it anytime, anywhere.


—For preparing 4-5 glasses:
Ripe mangoes: 2 cups chopped
Raw mango: 1/2 cup chopped
Sugar: 1 cup
Water: 8 cups

1. Take a pan. Add raw mangoes and ripened mangoes to it.


2. Add sugar and 3 cups of water to the pan and cover the lid. Boil the mangoes in order to soften them.


3. After 5 minutes, check the mangoes with a spoon. Crush with the back of spoon, if it is easily crushed then the mangoes are done.whatsapp-image-2019-05-02-at-2.18.49-pm4.jpeg
4. Now turn off the gas and blend the mango mix with the help of a blender. Blend it until the mangoes become pulpy.


5. Strain the mango pulp with the help of a strainer. Again add some water to the remaining pulp and blend it again. Strain it again and throw the leftover residue.


6. Add remaining water to the strained pulp in order to dilute it. keep in referigerator for 2 hours. Serve chilled.


Note: This mango frooti can be stored in referigerator for around 7 days in an airtight container. POUR THE MANGO FROOTI IN A CLEAN AND DRY AIR TIGHT BOTTLE OR CONTAINER.

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