lemonade syrup | nimbu sharbat | lemon squash

When life give you lemons you prepare lemonade!!!!
During the quenching heat of summers, the only restorer is the lemonade or nimbu pani. It can easily be prepared at home and moreover is easily available in markets during the summer season. This is one such drink which re-hydrates your body completely.
Today, I would be preparing a lemonade concentrate which can be easily preserved and stored in refrigerator for around 45 days. It can be used to prepare nimbu pani or lemon soda.  THOSE WHO PREFER TAKING LEMONS DURING FAST, THEY CAN PREPARE THE FASTING LEMONADE OR NIMBU PANI WITH THIS CONCENTRATE.


Lemon juice: 1.5 cups
Water: 1.5 cups
Granulated sugar: 2 cups

1. Take a wok and add sugar and water to it and prepare a sugar syrup. Stir the mixture constantly. We only want to dissolve the sugar in water, string consistency is not required.


2. Let the mixture cool down.
3. Add the lemon juice to the sugar syrup. Stir it completely.


4. Store the lemonade concentrate syrup in a clean and dry glass bottle.


5. Prepare fresh lime soda and lime juice with this lemonade concentrate.



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