Kids tiffin recipes: Day 3

Hey!!! my dear friends.. how you all are doing? Well! I am really relaxed as the tiffin series is started and I am now having many new ideas for my kiddos lunch box.
So, Today is the Day 3 for the tiffin series and yess!! we are back with one more exciting tiffin recipe.
I always lay stress on the nutritional quotient of the food. Today’s tiffin recipe is yet filled with lots of nutrition and of course taste.
In today’s tiffin, I have shared Black chana dhokla which is full of nutrition and healthy and it is oil free too. Black chana helps in reducing weight, it is protein packed and full of calcium. It aids in digestion and helps in treating various health relayed disorders. So, black chana also known as “black chickpeas” is very good for kids health.
In long tiffin break, i have prepared dal ke paranthe which are full of nutriotion. Believe me, this tiffin is an immunity booster.

Day 3
Short tiffin:::
Black chana dhokla with tomato ketchup
(Recipe link:

Long tiffin:::
Dal ke paranthe, achaar and spiced buttermilk

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