Kids tiffin recipes: Day 1

Every morning when my alarm rings the first thought came to my mind is ..What should I cook for my kiddos lunch box????? and that too they have to carry 2-2 lunch boxes., one is for short break and another for long break!!!! Uffff… kids are super choosy to eat anything  these days, so we have to plan a lot about their tiffin menus. they are not like us that they can eat roti sabji everyday in their lunch boxes.

I talked to many mommies known to me and they all had the same problem, so, I decided to start a #tiffinseries in which i will prepare different kinds of dishes, easy to prepare and delicious to eat for the kids.

Starting up with the #tiffinseries., today is day 1 of the series. We are presenting to you our kids very own favorite ‘Masala bhindi with tikona parantha‘ for Long tiffin break and easy peasy ‘onion poha‘ for choti choti bhukh/short tiffin break.Day1



Short break:   Onion poha.

Long break:   Masala bhindi with tikona parantha

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