kesariya thandai syrup

Thandai or sardai is an Indian drink which is served mainly during the season of Holi. This drink has a great cooling effect and is a boon for summers. It can be prepared and can be preserved in the form of powder or liquid. It is a blend of dry fruits, nuts, spices and some seeds.

Almonds/badam: 1/2 cup
Cashews/kaju: 1/2 cup
Pistachios/pista: 1/4 cup
Melon seeds/magaz: 1 tbsp
Fennel seeds/saunf: 1/4 cup
Black pepper cloves: 1 tbsp
Poppy seeds/khus khus: 1 tbsp
Cardamom powder: 1 tsp
Saffron strands: 20-25 nos.
Luke warm water: 1 cup for soaking nuts
Sugar: 2 cups
Water: 1 cup + 500ml

1. Take a bowl and add all the dry ingredients except sugar to it.

2. Add lukewarm water to the dry ingredients in order to soak them. Soak them for around 4 hours. After 4 hours, the dry ingredients have imbibed all the water and they are completely soaked.

3. Blend the mixture to a fine paste. Add water if required to make a fine paste.WhatsApp Image 2019-04-01 at 5.35.25 PM(17)
4. Take a wok and add sugar and water to it. Add some saffron strands to the wok. Cook it to prepare a sugar syrup.

5. Add the paste to sugar syrup and mix it thoroughly. Add some more water to it and let it reduce. Gradually, the mixture starts to thicken. Reduce it to a desirable flowy semi-solid consistency. Reduce the mixture for around 10-12 minutes. Turn off the gas knob. Let the mixture cool.

6. Prepare a thandai shake and relish the drink. For recipe of thandai shake (

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