Instant garlic chili pickle/ lehsun mirch ka achaar

Pickles or achaars are the most important food accompaniment in Indian households. We have seasons for preparing different kinds of pickles and thus then they are eaten throughout the year. But, those pickles take time to get prepared. Sometimes we are bored of eating the same food and need something instant and interesting to eat with our breads. For that same purpose, we prepare different kinds of instant pickles which are prepared frequently and can be eaten for 5-6 days by storing them in the refrigerator.
Today, I am sharing a very interesting recipe of an instant pickle which is prepared within 15-20 minutes of time — The ‘GARLIC CHILI PICKLE’. This does not need any preservative and can be kept in the refrigerator for around 6-7 days.

The other pickle recipes shared by me were also the instant ones. They are:
Amla pickle  amle ka achaar | gooseberry pickle

spring garlic pickle  spring garlic pickle

Garlic cloves: 20-25 nos. (peeled)
Green chili: 1 small cup(chopped coarsely)
Coriander powder: 1.5 tbsp
Red chili powder: 2 tsp
Turmeric powder: 1 tsp
Salt: as per taste
Water: 1/4 cup
Aamchur powder (optional): 1/2 tsp
Refined oil: 2.5 tbsp

1. Wash thoroughly peeled garlic cloves and dry them in a strainer. Chop them coarsely.
2. Wash green chilies and dry them. Chop them coarsely too.
3. Heat oil in a wok/kadhai.
4. Add chopped green chilies and garlic to the wok and saute them for few seconds.sauteing chili and garlic
5. Add all the dry spices to the wok except aamchur powder and mix thoroughly. Mix the spices with chili and garlic thoroughly. Let the spices be cooked nicely.adding spices
6. Add little water to the wok, otherwise the spices will be burnt. Cook for another 4-5 minutes and mix it at intervals.

7. Turn off the gas knob.
8. Add the aamchur powder and mix it nicely. Cover the wok with a lid. I have not added aamchur powder to the pickle.
9. Enjoy the pickle with roti or parantha.

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