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Summers always call for refreshing and chilling food items. Ice creams are thus the most favorite of all. Many varieties of ice creams are available throughout world. The ‘ice creams’ are generally frozen desserts made with dairy products. They are generally dairy based with different flavoring agents. The flavoring agents could be fruits, nuts, dry fruits, and many more. The refreshing ice creams also comes in the form of ice lollies with sugar syrup as base and flavored with different kinds of fresh fruits.
If we search for the most authentic Indian flavors, we cannot miss our very own traditional kulfi- which is everyones favorite. Kulfi or qulfi is a 100% dairy based frozen dessert and is little heavy on tummy to digest. It is made by reducing milk along with the addition of fresh fruits like mango, sapota, also dry fruits like pistachios, almonds, figs can be added, saffron acts as the heart of these kulfis. Thus, all in all, they make a great summer dessert relished by people of all age groups. Today,I am sharing the recipe of ‘Rabri Mango Kulfi’ which is having all the goodness of mangoes and richness of milk.

Earlier also I have shared some interesting kulfi and ice cream recipes. Some of them are shared below.

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Milk: 1.5 litres
Malai/balai: 1 cup
Mllk powder/dairy whitener: 2 tbsp
Saffron strands: 6-7 nos.
Unsalted pistachios: 2 tbsp
Almond silverets: 2 tbsp
Bread slice: 1 nos.
Mango pulp: 2 cups
Sugar: 1 cup

1. Take a heavy bottom pan and pour milk in it to reduce. As soon as it starts boiling, add saffron strands to it. Also add the malai and dairy whitener to the milk. Add the dairy whitener while stirring the milk to avoid lump formation.

2. Gradually, the milk will start to thicken. Add pistachios and almond silverets to the reducing milk. Now let the milk reduce. As the milk begins to boil, a layer of malai is found on its surface. Gently, remove the malai and stick it on the sides of the pan.

3. As the milk is thickened to almost 1/4th of its consistency, add bread crumbs to the milk and stir it gently. Now let the milk reduce to almost half of its original volume. Every time separate the malai and stick it on the sides. Add sugar and again boil for another 5 minutes. Turn off the gas knob and check the consistency. REFER TO THE PICTURE FOR THE RABRI LIKE GRAINY CONSISTENCY.

5. After it cools down, add fresh mango pulp and stir it nicely.

6. Pour in the moulds available or in paper cups and freeze for around 8-10 hours. De-mould and your rabri mango kulfi is ready to eat.

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