gond laddu

Gond/tragacanth gum is available in varied forms and has numerous health benefits. Ayurveda recommends to eat gond during the winter season in order to strengthen the immunity and beat the heat. This is also used as a medicine for lactating mothers in order to enhance the immunity of a feeding child and also to help recover a mother from the parturition weakness.
In different places, people have very different ways of making the gond laddoos during the winter season. I am sharing the easiest way of preparing them.whatsapp-image-2019-01-30-at-10.42.23-am1.jpeg

Gond/Tragacanth gum: 250 gms
Wheat flour: 500 gms
Powdered sugar: 350 gms
Ghee/Clarified butter: 250 ml+250 ml
Almonds: 1 cup
Unsalted pistachios: 1/2 cup
Cardamom powder: 2 tbsp
Black pepper powder: 50 gm
Poppy seeds: 50 gms

1. Heat a wok and add 250 ml ghee to it. Add the gond in small batches and fry it until it pops. Make sure that the  gond should not be burnt while frying. Refer to the pic. Now grind the gond in a grinder.


2. Now to the same wok add more 250 ml ghee and add the wheat flour. Roast it on a low flame.
3. Now roast the wheat flour on a low flame until the color changes to golden brown as shown in the pic. It will take around 25 minutes. Continuously keep on stirring it, otherwise the wheat flour will get burnt.


4. Now after roasting the wheat flour completely take it out in a flat plate so as to cool it.whatsapp-image-2019-01-30-at-10.40.18-am1.jpeg
5. Grind almond, poppy seeds and pistachios to a fine powder. Add the powder to the roasted wheat flour.


6. Now add the cardamom powder and black pepper powder to the roasted wheat flour. Add grinded gond also.


7. Now add powdered sugar and mix it thoroughly. Pinch small balls and make rounds to give it the shape of laddoos.


1.You can use chopped nuts also for the recipe instead of the grounded ones if you like the bite of dry fruits in your mouth.
2. You can use whole gond instead of grinding it.


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