daliya paneer kebab | protein packed kebab

Hello frens
Health is wealth!! To be healthy its very important for a person to eat healthy and stay fit. So today I am here with a very healthy and protein packed dish made with porridge/daliya, paneer/cottage cheese, oats, etc..I prepared kebabs with these ingredients. In this my porridge/daliya is boiled and I deep fried the kebabs but you can roast them on non stick tawa.
These kebabs can be eaten as snacks in tea time or can also be served as a starter in kitty parties along with some green coriander dip, chopped onions and ketchup.

Benefits of daliya/porridge:
This wholesome food is loaded with several health benefits. It contains high amounts of fibre, which aids in weight loss. … Dalia is made from cracked wheat, which is high in protein, iron and fibre.

Benefits of oats:
Oats Are Incredibly Nutritious. …
Whole Oats Are Rich in Antioxidants
Oats Contain a Powerful Soluble Fiber
They Can Lower Cholesterol Levels and Protect LDL Cholesterol From Damage
Oats Can Improve Blood Sugar Control
Oatmeal Is Very Filling and May Help You Lose Weight

Benefits of paneer/cottage cheese:
Protein is a good source of calcium and phosphorus that helps in improving the health of the teeth and bones in the body.WhatsApp Image 2018-05-27 at 10.51.26 AM(1)


boiled daliya – 1cup
grated paneer- 1 cup
boiled sweet corn- 1/2 cup
chopped coriander- 1/2 cup
rolled oats- 1 cup
chaat masala powder- 1 tsp
haldi powder- 1/2 tsp
red chili powder- 1/2 tsp
pudina powder- 1/2 tsp
fennel seeds- 1/2 tsp
salt- as per taste
black pepper powder- 1/2 tsp
ghee- 1 tbsp for shallow frying (optional)
oil for deep frying

1.mix all the ingredients listed above. Mix only 1/2 cup of oats and keep the remaining for last step.


2. now mix them thoroughly. Make sure the paneer should be finely grated because this will act as the binding agent for these kebabs. We are not using any other binding agent.
3. you will get a dough like consistency. Refer to the pic for the same.


4. now pinch small balls and make tikkis of the dough.
5. roll each tikki into the rolled oats.WhatsApp Image 2018-05-27 at 10.51.25 AM
6. keep the kebabs in the referigerator for around 1 hour so that they will retain their shape at the time of frying.
7. now after 1 hour either deep fry the kebabs or shallow fry them on the non stick pan.


8. handle them carefully as they are very soft.
9. serve with ketchup or mint dip.whatsapp-image-2018-05-27-at-10-51-27-am.jpeg

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