chocochip ice cream

Chocolate chips are small sweetened chocolate tear drop shaped pieces which are generally used in making ice creams, shakes, muffins, etc. Kids just love them in any form. Choco chip ice cream is another variant of chocolate ice cream and is made by adding dark chocolate to the whipped cream along with the morsel shaped choco chips.

Whipped cream: 1.5 cups
Amul cream: 1/2 cup
Full fat milk: 2 cups
Dark chocolate chopped: 1.5 cups
Unsalted butter: 2 tbsp
Chocochips: 1/2 cup

1. To a bowl, add dark chocolate and butter. Melt the dark chocolate by double boiler method. Stir the chocolate and butter continuously until the chocolate starts melting. Within a few minutes the chocolate will be completely melted. Keep the melted chocolate aside.

2. Now take a freezed bowl and add whipped cream to it. Beat the whipped cream until it is fluffy and light. Now add milk to the whipped cream and beat again.

3. To the whipped cream bowl, add the amul cream and again beat it properly. Add the melted chocolate and stir it to let the chocolate mix completely with the cream mixture. Add chocochips to the above mixture. Pour in air tight container and close the lid. Put in the freezer for 6 hours to set the ice cream.

4. Serve chilled.

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