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Mathura ke dubki wale aloo| how to make mathura ke dubki wale aloo

Our country India is known for its vast collection of holy shrines and pilgrimages where people gather for lots of spiritual  knowledge for their inner peace. Thus, India has lots of  temples and holy abodes for worshipping. Mathura is one such name which actually depicts to be the places for holy shrine. Mathura has lots of famous temples where thousands

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kathal ki sabji | how to make kathal ki sabji | jackfruit curry

Kathal ki sabji or jackfruit curry is most liked curry of Indian households. Somehow, people find it difficult to prepare. By following step by step recipe, we can prepare a best jackruit curry. The curry shared here is prepared with simple and easily available ingredients and is cooked in a pressure cooker. In the vegetable markets, kathal is easily available.

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malai kofta curry | paneer kofta in gravy | vegetarian nargisi kofta

Hello frens Malai kofta is one of the most ordered curry in restaurants and is really a popular dish among the masses. This is one such curry which can alone be accompanied with roti, lachcha parantha,naan etc. In malai kofta curry the crispy paneer-potato koftas are cooked in rich, creamy and mildly sweet gravy made with onions and tomatoes. The

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