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bedmi poori|how to make bedmi poori

‘Poori’ as I hear this word and my mouth starts watering… Poori also called as pudi is a deep fried bread made from unleavened dough. This is generally served with savory curries like potato curry, pumpkin curry, etc. This is generally made with wheat flour with the addition of pinch of salt in it. Variations of pooris are also eaten

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Instant garlic chili pickle/ lehsun mirch ka achaar

Pickles or achaars are the most important food accompaniment in Indian households. We have seasons for preparing different kinds of pickles and thus then they are eaten throughout the year. But, those pickles take time to get prepared. Sometimes we are bored of eating the same food and need something instant and interesting to eat with our breads. For that

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rabri mango kulfi|how to make rabri mango kulfi

Summers always call for refreshing and chilling food items. Ice creams are thus the most favorite of all. Many varieties of ice creams are available throughout world. The ‘ice creams’ are generally frozen desserts made with dairy products. They are generally dairy based with different flavoring agents. The flavoring agents could be fruits, nuts, dry fruits, and many more. The

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Kesar badam roll| how to make kesar badam roll

Diwali or deepavali is a time of celebration. Festivities play an important part in ones life. During festive times, we take out tie from our busy monotonous schedules and do different things. Diwali is one such special festival which is celebrated for almost 20-25 days including cleaning of houses, lots of shopping,etc. One more important task during diwali festival is

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