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rabri mango kulfi|how to make rabri mango kulfi

Summers always call for refreshing and chilling food items. Ice creams are thus the most favorite of all. Many varieties of ice creams are available throughout world. The ‘ice creams’ are generally frozen desserts made with dairy products. They are generally dairy based with different flavoring agents. The flavoring agents could be fruits, nuts, dry fruits, and many more. The

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paan ice cream

Paan ice cream is made by adding fresh paan leaves, the so called ‘meetha paan’. Eating the paan ice cream is as refreshing and digestible as chewing a meetha paan. Thus ice cream is just a replica of the meetha paan as it has all the ingredients like gulkand, fennel seeds, chopped dates along with chopped betel leaves. Betel leaves/paan leaves

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mango royal falooda

Falooda also known as Faludah, Flooda or Faludaah is a cold dessert of Indian origin. Traditionally, it was prepared with vermicelli, Sweet basil seeds or sabja seeds, rose syrup and ice cream. The Faloodah can be prepared with mawa kulfi or with any other ice cream. The vermicelli used in making Faloodah is prepared by using cornflour, arrowroot or sago.

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chocochip ice cream

Chocolate chips are small sweetened chocolate tear drop shaped pieces which are generally used in making ice creams, shakes, muffins, etc. Kids just love them in any form. Choco chip ice cream is another variant of chocolate ice cream and is made by adding dark chocolate to the whipped cream along with the morsel shaped choco chips.

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kesar pista ice cream

Ice creams are frozen desserts. They can be made by variety of ways by adding different flavoring agents like different types of essences, syrups and fruits. One of the most selling ice cream is the “KESAR PISTA ICE CREAM”. Kesar pista ice cream has pistachios and saffron as the major ingredients in it. It is a rich dessert and can

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mixed fruit popsicles

Popsicles are water based or milk based frozen snacks basically desserts which are placed on a stick. The popsicles are also known as ‘Ice pops’. They are made with fruit pulps or fruit juices and can also be made with reduced full fat milk. The popsicles are the best way to treat the thirsting summers heat. I have prepared popsicles

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butterscotch ice cream

Butterscotch is one of my the most favorite ice cream. Whenever I travel into  my childhood days, I remember that this was the only flavor which was highly liked by me and by my whole family. I am sharing the ice cream recipe which is egg free, also I did not used ice cream maker for making this yummy treat.

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mawa kulfi | rabri kulfi

Kulfi is the most popular Indian dessert delicacy served in varied forms. Various types of kulfis are served including Malai kulfi, Matka kulfi, rabri kulfi, Kesar pista kulfi, etc. Kulfi is a denser form of milk seasoned with pistachios, saffron strands, cardamom, rabri, etc. Today I am sharing the recipe of Mawa kulfi or rabri kulfi. I have only seasoned

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