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makki ka jhajhariya | bhutte ka halwa | how to make makki ka jhajhariya

makki ka jhajhariya or bhutte ka halwa is one of the ‘Lost recipes of rajasthan’. This is a rich dessert made with grated corn, sugar, milk and saffron strands. It is a brilliant dish to be eaten at the time of monsoon so as to enhance the immunity among kids and adults too.

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almond peanuts fudge | badam mungphali barfi

Peanuts are known for their high biotin content. They are actually POWERHOUSE OF ENERGY. Almonds are also rich in essential nutrients and thus are really immunity boosters. When they both are combined together, they’ll make a powerpacked immunity booster. Today, I am preparing a fudge or burfi made with ALMONDS and PEANUTS. They are actually prepared as a fasting recipe

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gond laddu

Gond/tragacanth gum is available in varied forms and has numerous health benefits. Ayurveda recommends to eat gond during the winter season in order to strengthen the immunity and beat the heat. This is also used as a medicine for lactating mothers in order to enhance the immunity of a feeding child and also to help recover a mother from the

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sugar free modak|dates apricot modak|how to make sugar free modak

Hello frens ‘Modak’ is a very popular sweet made in Maharashtra at the time of auspicious festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. The traditional modaks are steamed dumplings made with rice flour, jaggery and grated coconut. They are super delicious and yummy and is the widespread bhog prasad to be offered to Lord Ganeshaa. The modaks prepared by me are made with

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