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kesar badam sharbat| how to make kesar badam sharbat

A super delicious, an immunity boosting drink relished by people of all age groups. The ‘KESAR BADAM SYRUP’ has all the goodness of saffron and almonds. It gives a cooling effect to the body when taken with cold milk and provides warmth to the body when served with hot milk. Thus, all in all it is a complete package and

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pudina aam panna

Summers are on their peak and we really need something which could be heat resistant and works as coolants. One of the very popular coolant which has heat resistant properties is the Aam panna drink. Aam panna is a renowned Indian drink and can be yellow to green in color depending upon the ingredients which are used in making the

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kesariya thandai shake

Thandai shake is one of the most refreshing drink and it has a great cooling effect on our body. It is a blend of dry nuts, spices and some seeds. The thandai shake can be prepared with either thandai powder or thandai syrup. Thandai is a must drink during summers and can also be taken by diabetics in smaller quantities.

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