About Us

Neha Agrawal

I am Neha Agrawal, the chef and founder of this blog. I am a biotechnologists by profession but food is my soul. I am a passionate home cook and a food enthusiast. The passion for cooking began early when I was just 11 or 12 years of age. I always love watching my mom cooking. I love to cook for my family and friends and that motivates me for creating innovations in the regular food. I love versatility in my work and keep my recipes simple so that amateurs can cook. Being a Rajasthani by birth, I love cooking local regional food but my culinary skills are diligent and are not limited to only one type of cuisine. I always try my hands on other cuisines as well.
Piquant plate is a platform for promoting vegetarian recipes worldwide. This food blog has simple yet interesting recipes which can easily be prepared at home. I provide step-by step repesentation of the recipes along with the pics cooked in my own kitchen. The basic motto behind this blog is to make the home cooked food more and more interesting among people. Be it normal regular food or something like pizza or pasta, the one which is prepared fresh is always the best and hygienic for everyone.